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EFT and PE (evolving from Person Centred Couple Therapy)

Person Centred Couple Therapy is an opportunity for each person to say what he or she truly wants to say, or is troubled by, without driving the other out of the room or into feeling and behaving defensively.

Both partners have a right to be heard and understood and I will help that to happen without it becoming a series of complaints against each other or place to have a fight - you can do that at home for free!


If it becomes clear to any couple that they would benefit from individual sessions then I will recommend another therapist for that work. This will leave the door open for you to return for couple counselling should you ever want to once that work is complete.


Person Centred Couple Therapy is a process that draws on each clients' ability to find their own way forward.


I never assume that I know what is best for a couple nor do I ever know what direction the couple will take. I love my work because couples constantly surprise me and no two experiences are ever the same.


Ten typical reasons that couples seek therapy.


1. An affair or attempt at an affair that is devastating for one member and painful for the other also.

2. Emergency or crisis situations that feel like “the straw that broke the camels back”.

3. One person wants the other to change. 

4. Finanacial stress, differences, sickness or unemployment creating differences that can’t be avoided.

5. Substance abuse, addiction and the effects on the relationship.

6. Sexual disappointment for one or both.

7. Issues around equality, role definition or gender authority that is causing distress to one or both.

8. One or both feeling unloved. This can start to feel unbearable.

9. Concerns about the future happiness of the relationship and, or, life stage issues for both or either.

10. Constant circular quarreling without resolving issues

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